What Have I Been Up To

(posted in tech)

I have been absent for some time but not without reason. I have spent the past several months reengaging my mind in the wonderful world of Mathematics and finally engaging my mind in the absolutely stunning world of Physics. My one and only university degree is a BS in Mathematics. Pretty much from the day that I received it I have spent my time either creating software or teaching and raising my 2 kids. Come this summer I will be reengaging with the world of software. This past November my oldest son, who was previously home-schooled by yours truly, entered public school.

These two events have given me both the motivation and the time to re-learn some of my Mathematics and to learn a bit about Physics. I have always been interested in Physics but have never had any formal Physics education, other than whatever I got in high school 20 some odd years ago. Being, possibly, a bit of a masochist/over-confident I started with General Relativity. I have since moved on to a “basic” text in Astrophysics.

Now that I have gotten that out of my system I have moved on to learning Clojure and looking at Haskell again.