Language Bigotry

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I once was a language bigot. I paid the bills creating SaaS and SOA enterprise software using Java. All the while I secretly loathed Java and everything that it stood for. At night I would dink around with Ruby and Haskell and Erlang and … you get the idea. Always thinking that if only I had a job that used those langauges I would be happy and awesome, all at once. Then came the day when I was free to do what I wanted, I was working for myself; a clean slate, no legacy code, no customers pushing for those pesky features (and bug fixes). So what did I do? I created an iOS app to help teach language to kids with Autism. Objective-C is nowhere near a super clean modern quasi-functional language. Instead it is kind of a mess. A mess it may be, but I soon realized that languages are just a piece of the puzzle. A means to end. Suddenly I was no longer a language bigot. Good riddance.