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I am Jeff Clark. I am an Independent iOS developer with 16 years of Software Development experience with less than 2 years of Beginner’s Mind experience. I am most importantly a Father of 2 and a Husband. See some details about my professional experience at my Stack Overflow Careers page.


I have been on and off (mostly off) blogging at this domain for nearly 10 years. I have been through many blogging platforms. I have hosted the site here in my house over a DSL connection on an AMD 900mhz server that I built, I did finally move to an actual web host and do not miss the whirr of all those fans and hard drives. Each time I have begun blogging again I have abandoned it. I think that this abandonment is due to a mix of talking to a vacuum and dealing with blogging platform friction.

Bringing me to the present day and my next attempt and next platform. I am still puzzling through what, exactly, the theme is going to be. I have spent the last 15 years creating software, the last 3 being a stay-at-home dad, and the last 2 1/2 years working on an app for the iOS platform. I promise I will not be creating a stay-at-home dad “mommy blog”. Thus I am pretty sure that I will be blogging about programming and maybe eve some partially-informed technology punditry.