Resume / CV

In short I have ~25 years of experience building software and leading teams that build software. I much prefer smaller companies. I really enjoy most of all working for companines with strong products and/or product vision. It is not just the tech that I love but the product. Additionally, I have spent the better of my career working remote and/or with distributed teams. At my last job I built and lead a 100% remote/distributed engineering team.

And in case you missed the link above, here is my Resume / CV.


Music has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember. I have written a longer essay about it that you can read. You can also browse my Discogs profile to view most of my physical collection of records and CDs.

This Site

I have been through many, many iterations of this site since I first stood it up in 2001. The current incarnation is hand-crafted and its style is largely inspired by a site that I ran across on Hacker News in March 2020. It all runs out of an AWS S3 bucket with other AWS bits and bobs to make it all work.